The count down is on until I leave for Toronto for the Miss Teen Canada World 2012 pageant and I’ve been very busy preparing. I’ve been doing some fund-raising as well as making sure I have everything I need to go. I’m so excited for this experience that it almost doesn’t feel like I’m actually going!!


A week or two ago I went into the Re/Max Eastern office in Peterborough and sat in on their weekly meeting, I had the chance to stand up in front of about 65 agents and talk about Free The Children.


I explained what Free the Children was, about my pageant, and how each delegate is responsible for making a contribution on behalf of their community. The owners of Re/Max eastern were very kind and generous and made a donation as well as sponsored me to help with my journey to Toronto !

I was so nervous speaking in front of everyone but as soon as I finished my first sentence I felt at ease and the words just began to flow! I’d like to Thank Mr. John Bowes and Mr. John Hope for their generosity and support!

Mr. John Hope (left), Mr. John Bowes (right) and I after the meeting

 Free The Children Car Wash!!

My friends and I washing a truck for the car wash!

On June 17th I had a car wash at Jack McGee‘s a local car dealership in Peterborough. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had some of my family and friends come and help me! It was a lot of fun, and we made a great contribution for free the children.

My best friends Rachel and Santina promoting the wash!


My goal was to wash 15 – 20 cars but we ended up having closer to 40!! I was so surprised by the amount of support from my local radio station Kruz fm, Peterborough Examiner news paper and my city’s official twitter page @Ptbo_Canada.

Although it was father’s day my biggest supporter and car wash helper was my dad. He did an amazing job helping me organize and showing us the proper car washing “technique”. It was over all a great success and I was extremely happy at everyone’s efforts. I’d like to aknowledge my friends and thank them again for their upbeat and helpful attitudes toward my car wash.
Thank you; Brandon, Rachel, Kirstie, Jenn, Santina, Sabra, Mike, Joey, Mom and Dad !

The Article from the Peterborough Examiner

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I’d like to thank everyone for reading my blog and I will be posting more soon

-Jessie 🙂


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  1. Zoé says:

    Jessie it is incredible all the things you do! I’m sooo proud to be your soeur française 😉 Really you are amazing! Keep it up!

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