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As a part of my pageant all of us girls are given little assignments which will be judge and go toward our final score. One of the assignments was a video challenge sponsored by Aveda Canada’s Best Professional Hair and Beauty School 
This video is titled “Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good” because what’s the point of dressing up and looking good if you’re not going to do good, and the best way to feel good is by doing something good for a friend, a stranger or your environment!


For my video, I went to Millennium Park in Peterborough, and gave out flowers to strangers, just a little something to brighten their day. I got this idea from my friend Marissa and my exchange partner Zoe. When I went on my exchange to France (where I met Marissa who was also on an exchange) we had a “Things to do before leaving France” list and one of the things Marissa, Zoe and I did was give out flowers to strangers.

"Just a little something to brighten your day"

I thought I should do this for my video because Random Acts of Kindness are so important. When you do something nice for someone it usually inspires them to do a good deed for someone else, even if they don’t know you’ve inspired them! I gave out flowers to a number of people but the woman in my video was my favourite reaction as she was sitting by herself reading and was very surprised and you could tell by the smile on her face she appreciated it.

not the woman in the video, but another flower receiver

I recommend everyone should try this or something like this because not only did it put a smile on other people’s faces but I enjoyed myself and had a permanent smile after that!

If everyone could please CLICK HERE , watch my 10 second video and then press the little heart <3 on the top of the video, I’d really appreciate it! 


Thank you for reading this post, I will be posting more soon !
-Jessie 🙂

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