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As a part of my pageant they asked all us girls to think about if we could star or host our own TV show, what would it be about and why would we choose it. This assignment took me a little while to choose what I wanted to do because I had a lot of ideas floating around in my head but this is what I came up with-


Title: CROWED: Behind the Scenes of a Canadian Pageant
½ hour documentary series airing once a week

My TV show would show what pageants really are, because the examples we see on tv do not portray what pageants (especially what miss teen Canada world) are all about. My show would go from province to province showing how the girls prepare for the Miss Teen Canada world pageant. It would highlight their volunteer work, their appearances as well as their fund raising for Free the Children. It would show the stress but also how much fun it is to be involved and how fortunate we are to have these experiences. This show would hold a higher integrity and show viewers how these girls are interested in trying new things, helping and volunteering in their communities and meeting other girls their age who also want to be a good example and good role models.
Each episode would be me traveling across Canada interviewing the girls and going with them around their home town in preparation, the week in Toronto, pageant rehearsals, appearances, preliminary night, just to name some of the things they would film. The season finale would be the national pageant, behind the scenes of the show, crowning, prize winners and everything that goes on that night.
I’m not oblivious as to what makes viewers want to watch a show it is the drama and the suspense so I will not exclude these factors. However, the “drama” in this show would be the everyday drama’s of the pageant including, unfriendly staff at a store, hoping people will come to fundraisers, and other tasteful things that will still add suspense to the show.

This is my advertising poster for my dream TV show

I mainly chose this because although I have not yet been to the national pageant, I will explain using my experiences from the provincials and my experience leading up to the national level. During my two days at the Miss Teen Ontario pageant there wasn’t one time I felt self conscious being around 45 beautiful, smart and talented girls. Everyone was really kind, supportive and helpful to one another. We were constantly told not to compare ourselves to any of the other girls and if we were going to compare ourselves to anyone we should just focus on trying our hardest, taking the tools we were given (taught) and improve from the first time we tried it. MTC-W slogan is be your own kind of beautiful and I’d love to show all of Canada how beneficial this pageant has been to my confidence and how it’s affected the other girls which I’m sure have grown through this whole experience.
Co-stars: the co-stars of the show would be the girls going on to compete for the title of Miss Teen Canada World.

Network: CTV- I chose CTV because it is a Canadian based network, it has a high amount of viewers, as well as all shows CTV airs are very diverse and they are different from one another, it has something for everybody. This would give more opportunity for my show to be seen as well as it shares a network with shows like America’s next top model, e talk, fashion star which I think people would find similar topics discussed in my show.

Sponsors- I think Goody Canada would be a great sponsor to my show because their mission is “to give girls and women tools that make them feel great about who they already are and allow them to confidently express themselves to the outside world in any setting.” (quoted from Goody Canada) I think Goody would be the perfect match because as a company they hold a high standard and a high integrity as I would aim for my show to have. Also, the audience that my show would attract is the target demographic that goody products are sold to.

I think MAC cosmetics would be a great sponsor of my show as well, mainly because my show would demonstrate the fashion and cosmetics aspects of pageants and MAC would appeal to our target audience as well. Mac is another honorable company, they promote themselves by saying “We are committed to working together with our suppliers to source products and services responsibly, with uncompromising ethics and integrity that is guided by our vision—Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch.” (quoted from the MAC website) They not only want to make amazing products but they want to make sure it is made in a fair way with equality for all their workers starting with their suppliers.

Both these companies have values that are important to me and are values that I would like my dream television show to portray as well.

That is what my DREAM tv show would be if I could “star” in my own show.. would you guys watch it? 🙂

keep a look out for my next blog, I’ll be posting it shortly

-Jessie 🙂

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Excellent work Jessie Potvin I have always thought that the making-of a pageant would make an excellent TV show.

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