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There is one important thing I’d like to talk about, I’m not sure if everyone has heard of the AMAZING company called S-Trip! If you haven’t I’ll give you a little description.. S-Trip![<click to be directed to S-Trip website] Is a company that has been active since 1976, offering students exciting excursions to many destinations. S-trip provides safety and supervision to all its passengers, unparalleled customer service while providing an innovative and dynamic team environment. This year S-Trip! Is handing out a new award at the Miss Teen Canada World 2012 pageant called “The Social Media Queen” this is awarded to the girl with the BEST S-Trip blog about their DREAM vacation, as well it as a combination of their overall blog.
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“I believe that travel is a way of opening the eyes of young people to a greater perspective and a world beyond their own back yard.” – Alexandre Handa , President of S-Trip!

Sandy Beach of Costa Rica

Tourism and travel are never-ending entities, being composed of everything we know but in a different light. From people to places to wildlife to the very feel of tranquility and deliverance. With that being said, when S-trips asked us to describe our dream vacation; I was dumbfounded to say the least. One vacation to a single destination is a difficult decision to make because travelling the world is my dream, and a thirst I am still trying to quench. I NEED to experience culture and people and amazing stunning wildlife before my chances and lust for adventure diminish with my age. So making my travel decision Costa Rica was not an easy one. But weighing it, I decided Costa Rica encompassed the very meaning of a true dream vacation. Costa Rica has what I want! From the rich local culture to its breathtaking scenery and a family history of trips to this beautiful country, unfortunately none of which I was able to attend.


Costa Rican Architecture

The reasons I chose Costa Rica for my travel destination are few but the reasons I hold dear in my heart. The first would be the rich local culture. Costa Rica blends European and native culture and this is all very evident by is architecture and art in the capitals galleries. It also is very rich in art and in music, mostly shaped by the Myan culture of Nicaragua and further influence by the Afro-Caribbean cultures to the east. This is very unique combination of cultures, and this cultural diversity has helped shape the Costa Rican music style into something individual onto itself and much different from the music we are accustomed to listening to in Canada, or even the United States. Costa Rica is known for its laid back and easy going style… but contrary to what you may be thinking they put a great deal of importance on education and most of the country is literate, unlike many Latin American Nations which is why it would be a very enticing place to visit. Also, Costa Rica does not have a military and has not for over 60 years!

Beautiful Costa Rica

This was shocking to me and when I discovered this while deciding where my dream vacation would take place, it was an important decision maker for why this destination would be exciting because there is so many interesting things to learn. The second reason I chose this beautiful country because of its picturesque scenery. Costa Rica is a beautiful paradise composed not only of diverse wildlife but diverse scenery, from breathtaking ocean views to dense rainforest green lush forest beauty.

Zip Line

There are so many exciting and risk-taking activities that are available in Costa Rica. Hike up volcanoes or through the plentiful forests. Observe wildlife and marine life, which often can be seen on guided tours. Snorkeling, zip lining, rappelling and just relaxing on the beach are just a few of many activities that make vacationing to Costa Rica even more alluring. I think my friends and I would all enjoying mixing a little adventure with a little relaxation and a lot of new experiences to make this vacation a dream. It would mean everything to me to be able to bring my friends with me because it would bring together all the things I love: discovering and learning about different people, places and cultures, my two best friends and the beach 🙂

Costa Rica waters

Travel with friends would be incredible. I don’t know if I could keep up with them! I want to see everything and do everything and indulge myself in what its meant to be a Costa Rican. One friend that would match my thirst for adventure would be my greatest friend Zoe. I wrote about Zoe in an earlier post and if you read it, you know she in an unbelievable person and this does not even supersede her adventurous bone. Zoe was my exchange partner and when I went to France to visit her I embraced the French way and as did she when she came to Peterborough Ontario, Canada. We both loved our time away from home and in a new environment and I know she would make a great travel partner. I would also like to take my boyfriend and best friend Brandon. He is an amazing individual that always supports me in everything and encourages me to try new things so I know our trip would never be boring.  Between Zoe and Brandon I know there is no way I’d be able to stay away from the thrill-seeking activities I’ve always craved to try. Also, both Zoe and Brandon are great company to have so I know the trip would be filled with laughter, fun and I’d bring home unforgettable memories.

Zoe and I

Brandon and I








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I think everyone should think up their dream vacation, not only was it fun to day-dream about all the wonderful things I could try and discover in this beautiful place, I also learned some new facts while doing my research on different places to travel.


Thank you for reading my blog (this being a little longer than usual) I really appreciate everyone’s support and I will be posting more soon


**images used from www.visitcostarica.com , www.crtourism.com, www.costaricaviews.com.


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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey Jessie, Nice long copy post. Hey you don’t have to lead off with ‘Hi again everyone
’ or sign your name at the end because your blog is more like a magazine and less like an email in terns of format. But great stories and great pics and good content . I think Costa Rica would be very fun .

  2. Debbie Foley says:

    Excellent Blog Jessie! Very informative and very well written! Great job! You represent Peterborough well!! Best of Luck with your dream trip! Debbie and Rick

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