In April, I returned to my second home Grenoble,France!

Zoe and I in my High School Uniform

At the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa

I first went to Grenoble when I was 16 on a student exchange. My exchange Partner’s name is Zoe and she is one year younger than I am. Zoe came to Canada first, from August- November. We toured around a little bit before school started, visiting Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and she attended my highschool in September.

Zoe's First Canadian Night !! (from left to right) Zoe, my sister Ashley, my mom Tammy, my dad Jamie and I



Zoe and I on my first trip to france

I went to france the first time from February – May. It was very comforting that I had already spent 3 months with Zoe at my home, and in my country but I was still extremely nervous to go to school and meet everyone, specially since I wasn’t very strong in the French language. Zoe’s family helped me improve my french, learn about french culture and above all else made me have fun and feel comfortable being there !

My trip this time was to visit all the wonderful friends I made, and have a little vacation at the same time. Zoe lives in a little area just outside (about a 15 minute drive) from the City of Grenoble called Bernin. It is quaint and surrounded by mountains. The scenery is beautiful and there are so many places to walk or hike.
Here are some Pictures I’d love to share with everyone from my trip:

Zoe and I out for lunch at a little cafe in Grenoble


The Beautiful scenery, while on a hike in Bernin


Zoe's Family and I (from left) Sophie (Zoe's mom), Me, Robert (Zoe's dad), Zoe, Laura (Zoe's sister)

 Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and I will be posting more soon!

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  1. Loic says:

    I like Bernin 🙂 come back soon 🙂

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