Hello again!

As a part of my pageant all of us girls are given little assignments which will be judge and go toward our final score. One of the assignments was a video challenge sponsored by Aveda Canada’s Best Professional Hair and Beauty School 
This video is titled “Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good” because what’s the point of dressing up and looking good if you’re not going to do good, and the best way to feel good is by doing something good for a friend, a stranger or your environment!


For my video, I went to Millennium Park in Peterborough, and gave out flowers to strangers, just a little something to brighten their day. I got this idea from my friend Marissa and my exchange partner Zoe. When I went on my exchange to France (where I met Marissa who was also on an exchange) we had a “Things to do before leaving France” list and one of the things Marissa, Zoe and I did was give out flowers to strangers.

"Just a little something to brighten your day"

I thought I should do this for my video because Random Acts of Kindness are so important. When you do something nice for someone it usually inspires them to do a good deed for someone else, even if they don’t know you’ve inspired them! I gave out flowers to a number of people but the woman in my video was my favourite reaction as she was sitting by herself reading and was very surprised and you could tell by the smile on her face she appreciated it.

not the woman in the video, but another flower receiver

I recommend everyone should try this or something like this because not only did it put a smile on other people’s faces but I enjoyed myself and had a permanent smile after that!

If everyone could please CLICK HERE , watch my 10 second video and then press the little heart <3 on the top of the video, I’d really appreciate it! 


Thank you for reading this post, I will be posting more soon !
-Jessie 🙂

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The count down is on until I leave for Toronto for the Miss Teen Canada World 2012 pageant and I’ve been very busy preparing. I’ve been doing some fund-raising as well as making sure I have everything I need to go. I’m so excited for this experience that it almost doesn’t feel like I’m actually going!!


A week or two ago I went into the Re/Max Eastern office in Peterborough and sat in on their weekly meeting, I had the chance to stand up in front of about 65 agents and talk about Free The Children.


I explained what Free the Children was, about my pageant, and how each delegate is responsible for making a contribution on behalf of their community. The owners of Re/Max eastern were very kind and generous and made a donation as well as sponsored me to help with my journey to Toronto !

I was so nervous speaking in front of everyone but as soon as I finished my first sentence I felt at ease and the words just began to flow! I’d like to Thank Mr. John Bowes and Mr. John Hope for their generosity and support!

Mr. John Hope (left), Mr. John Bowes (right) and I after the meeting

 Free The Children Car Wash!!

My friends and I washing a truck for the car wash!

On June 17th I had a car wash at Jack McGee‘s a local car dealership in Peterborough. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had some of my family and friends come and help me! It was a lot of fun, and we made a great contribution for free the children.

My best friends Rachel and Santina promoting the wash!


My goal was to wash 15 – 20 cars but we ended up having closer to 40!! I was so surprised by the amount of support from my local radio station Kruz fm, Peterborough Examiner news paper and my city’s official twitter page @Ptbo_Canada.

Although it was father’s day my biggest supporter and car wash helper was my dad. He did an amazing job helping me organize and showing us the proper car washing “technique”. It was over all a great success and I was extremely happy at everyone’s efforts. I’d like to aknowledge my friends and thank them again for their upbeat and helpful attitudes toward my car wash.
Thank you; Brandon, Rachel, Kirstie, Jenn, Santina, Sabra, Mike, Joey, Mom and Dad !

The Article from the Peterborough Examiner

 **please click the purple underlined words if you wish to visit websites conneted to each topic

I’d like to thank everyone for reading my blog and I will be posting more soon

-Jessie 🙂


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My mom and I in the car getting ready to drive to Toronto

Recently, my mom (Tammy) and I traveled to Toronto and bought some really cute outfits for my time I will be spending in Toronto for the National Pageant. We went to Bayview Villiage mall and went to my favourite store called “Lemor” (<click there to visit the website) All the times I’ve gone, the same girl Claire has helped me, she is so nice and very helpful (really good at putting outfits together too) we bought a few cute outfits that I couldn’t help but wear before toronto.


it seems to me that the best accessories are a sash and crown.. LOL

While we were there we also had an appointment to try on evening gowns for the pageant night! Unfortunetly the store was unable to order the dress I fell in love with for me in time for July. We were really disappointed but then my mom called the store we ordered my first dress from and Brad (being the miracle worker he is) was able to find the dress and ship it directly to my house! I’m still waiting for it’s delivery which should be in the next day or two.

I am very excited for the national pageant and the time I will be spending in Toronto, I know that I will have a lot of fun learning new things and meeting all the other girls!
Thank you for reading my blog and I will be posting more soon!
-Jessie 🙂

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In April, I returned to my second home Grenoble,France!

Zoe and I in my High School Uniform

At the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa

I first went to Grenoble when I was 16 on a student exchange. My exchange Partner’s name is Zoe and she is one year younger than I am. Zoe came to Canada first, from August- November. We toured around a little bit before school started, visiting Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and she attended my highschool in September.

Zoe's First Canadian Night !! (from left to right) Zoe, my sister Ashley, my mom Tammy, my dad Jamie and I



Zoe and I on my first trip to france

I went to france the first time from February – May. It was very comforting that I had already spent 3 months with Zoe at my home, and in my country but I was still extremely nervous to go to school and meet everyone, specially since I wasn’t very strong in the French language. Zoe’s family helped me improve my french, learn about french culture and above all else made me have fun and feel comfortable being there !

My trip this time was to visit all the wonderful friends I made, and have a little vacation at the same time. Zoe lives in a little area just outside (about a 15 minute drive) from the City of Grenoble called Bernin. It is quaint and surrounded by mountains. The scenery is beautiful and there are so many places to walk or hike.
Here are some Pictures I’d love to share with everyone from my trip:

Zoe and I out for lunch at a little cafe in Grenoble


The Beautiful scenery, while on a hike in Bernin


Zoe's Family and I (from left) Sophie (Zoe's mom), Me, Robert (Zoe's dad), Zoe, Laura (Zoe's sister)

 Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and I will be posting more soon!

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Hi everyone,
I want to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to since I was crowned!

In the beginning of February I was lucky enough to have two interviews and both of Peterborough’s local papers: Peterborough This Week and The Peterborough Examiner (<- click there to read the article from The Peterborough Examiner).This was really great because I was able to introduce myself to my community and talk about my journey through the Miss Teen Ontario World pageant!

wearing my pink shirt for Anti Bullying day

February 29th I was interviewed by a local radio station 100.5 Kruz fm to talk about Anti-Bullying day. We discussed the importance of everyone being more tolerant of eachother and how bullying is not always the typical things we think of (Pushing , shoving, name calling, etc.) Bullying can also be excluding people, or just laughing at the jokes people say about others.

Peterborough Speakers Series at Market Hall

March 7th I volunteered at the 2nd anual Peterborough Speaker Series which is where people come and share their stories and life experiences. This year the theme was inspiration and the speakers were nothing less than inpirational and brave to tell their stories. For this event I took tickets, greeted the guests and served dinner to the speakers. It was a lot of fun !


waving to the crowd !


My dad and I! he's wearing his "Irish for the day sash" to match my sash


March 11th I got in touch with my Irish roots and was a part of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Now, with a last name like Potvin it may be hard to believe that I am Irish but I am Irish on my mom’s side and I made my Grandpa O’Hara very proud!

at the Easter Seals BBQ, laughing and having a great time!

March 31st I volunteered at a BBQ to raise money in support of Easter Seals. For anyone who doesn’t know, Easter Seals is a organization that helps children with disabilities. The fundraiser I helped with was specifically to help send kids to summer camps. It was so much fun and everyone was very nice, supportive and happy to donate!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this post! I’ll be posting more soon.


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Hi Everyone !
I wanted to start off by telling you all a little about myself! My Name is Jess, I’m 18, have graduated from Holy Cross Secondary School, and I will be attending Trent University in the fall to study french. I love spending time with my friends, family and my 3 puppies. My favourite past time is going to the beach and spending time outdoors (especially in the beautiful spring and summer weather.) I love to drink tea, and my junk food is cinnamon buns!

In the 11th grade I went on an European exchange to France, and I will be returning this April to visit my friends and the family I stayed with (ma famille francaise.) It was in France that I discovered my passion for travel and I hope to explore many more places as soon as I can.

I like trying new things with Miss Teen Canada World being one of them. I do not have a background in dance, acting or modeling but I am learning so many new things in this process. I joined the Miss Teen Ontario World pageant to gain experience, confidence and to meet girls with the same desire to make a difference.

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog and I will try to keep posting as much as I can! I look forward to sharing my volunteer experiences, my journey to Miss Teen Canada World pageant and all the steps along the way with you!

My first post comes courtesy of directbuy Ontario and also a reputable Toronto roof repair company.

Thank you 🙂

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